The Terra College Foundation’s hard work has paid off once again.  The Foundation has secured a grant from the Ohio Department of Commerce for financial literacy.  In total, a Financial Literacy Grant totaling nearly $10,900 was received because of the efforts of the Foundation.

Kristen Lindsay, Director of Advising and Student Success/Title III Project Director at Terra State Community College, who wrote the proposal with Heath Martin, Assistant Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services and Jack Fatica, Terra College Foundation Development Coordinator, is responsible for the implementation of the grant.  “Approximately half of the grant will cover a day of training,” Lindsay points out.  “The other portion will be used to purchase a book to help students learn and understand financial situations they will face in the future.”

The day of training will feature Dr. Bethanie Tucker, a noted author and consultant.  Dr. Tucker will present “Understanding and Engaging Under-Resourced College Students” on September 12.  Two audiences will benefit from her presentation.  In the morning, she will present at the annual High School Guidance Counselor Breakfast.  Later in the day, Dr. Tucker will speak to Terra State faculty and staff.

The second portion of the grant will go towards the purchase of the book Life After School Explained by the Cap and Compass Group.  According to, “The book was written by a team of young professionals and is full of funny first-hand experiences from their first few years in the real world. This book is the definitive reference guide for life after school. It is full of helpful and humorous hints for anyone who eats, spends money, works, or pays taxes.”  The book will be distributed to all Gen 1000 students at Terra State for the 2017-18 school year.  Those who take the class on campus will receive a hard copy, while online students will receive a virtual copy.  Guidance counselors who attend the annual breakfast will be treated with a copy, too.

The Terra College Foundation was one of fourteen applicants for the grant.  A total of $75,000 in grant money was awarded.  “Our goal is to help ensure our students have a better understanding of their finances during college and beyond,” Lindsay summarized.  “We also will be helping educators get a deeper understanding of how to assist underserved students with varying socioeconomic backgrounds.”