It has only been a short time since Steve Hillard began his new position as the Executive Director of Workforce Development and Corporate Partnerships at Terra State Community College.  Hillard assumed this role after serving as Vice President of Business Services for the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth in Nelsonville, Ohio.  Hillard’s focus is to assist all area businesses by ensuring the area workforce is capable of meeting their needs for today and into the future.

One of the first items Hillard is undertaking is accelerating the College’s response time to area businesses.  “We are putting in place procedures to quicken our responsiveness to incoming requests,” Hillard stated.  “One example is that starting in September, we will begin the process to become certified as ISO9001:2015.”  This certification will put policies and procedures into a written format and create a quality standard.  By earning this certification, the College wants to show area businesses that we are dedicated to meeting their needs.

Recently, Hillard held a luncheon for maintenance supervisors from fifteen manufacturing companies the College works closely with.  “I felt it was important to sit down and talk to the supervisors about exactly what they need in terms of training,” Hillard continued.  “For example, from this meeting, we discovered that the local manufacturers had a need for workforce training related to taking measurements.”  Hillard took action and the College now has a measurement class available.  Hillard intends to hold these types of sessions quarterly.

Hillard is also focused on meeting with all area businesses.  Hillard stated that he wants local businesses to know that the College is here to partner with all area businesses: banking, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and dining services, etc.  For example, Hillard explained that nurses may need to provide presentations, but they could lack the skills needed to use PowerPoint or to speak in front of a crowd.  This provides one example of how Terra State’s workforce development division can offer the training needed to empower the employees and the company to reach their goals.  Additionally, Terra State has worked with supervisors who needed conflict resolution training.  “Terra State’s workforce development division is here to meet the training needs of all of our local businesses”

Area businesses in need of employee training or desirous of additional information can reach Steve Hillard directly at or 419.559.2464.