The Terra State Community College library has undergone a major change in efforts to improve efficiency for both staff and students.  The library is now using a new software program system called Sierra that replaced the previous program Millennium.  According to Ariel Gresh, Interim Coordinator of Library Circulation, “Millennium was dated and needed to be upgraded to a more modern system.”

Planning for the conversion began last year with Sierra implemented for use on June 7.  “The system is the heart of the library,” Gresh points out.  “Without it, it would take a huge amount of time and effort to maintain what the library has.  We would fall behind compared to other institutions if the college did not make this investment.”  Sierra will bring more functionality to users.  Better navigation, the ease of running reports and other additional settings will be just some of the features that will improve the effectiveness of the library staff.

Sierra will bring many benefits to the library.  Staff will be able to better assist students in answering their questions and locating resources needed for their classwork.  Superior analysis will be available to understand what materials are being utilized and what is not.  This will lead to more focused purchases for needed materials and which ones can be withdrawn.  Finally, Sierra will bring the library into the modern age.  “It is easier to navigate, user-friendly and more sophisticated,” emphasized Gresh.

The implementation of Sierra is just one of the many steps in the dynamic transformation taking place at Terra State.  Gresh invites students, faculty and staff to take advantage of what the library has to offer.  “I encourage anyone to take a look at our system and challenge the staff in assisting them with their needs,” Gresh concluded.