At just about every Terra State Community College event, attendees see someone from the marketing department taking pictures.  Various publications, like News and Notes, contain photos of different students, faculty and staff.  Candid pictures, professional headshots and group photos seem to be taken in abundance.  Has there ever been a time when you have wanted to see some of those pictures?  Well, now, there is a way for Terra State representatives to access the thousands of pictures that the marketing department has taken over the years.  This is now possible through the photograph cataloging service call Photoshelter.

Photoshelter is a photo and video storage system that is similar to the Flickr application.  It provides a website for end users to view and download pictures in a time effective manner.  According the Marketing Manager Amanda Pochatko, it is not much different to what was available before.  “It’s really behind the scenes as to what is different.  The marketing department has access to the background and are able to create galleries that are hidden from view.  Then we can sort and go through the photos to decide what we want to publish.”

One of the features of Photoshelter is that it is searchable.  Metadata can be added to each photo to assist in the search.  Time, location and key words will make photos easier to find for the end users.

To access Photoshelter, users can go to  Then select “Galleries” from the menu at the top left hand corner of the screen.  There, users can view the different galleries that are available.  If the picture is available for download, users can click the download icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  A password will be needed to continue the download.  Passwords will be sent to the appropriate parties that will need access to a particular gallery and they can then distribute it to their constituents.  If the gallery is available to the general public, the password will be posted on social media.  Plus, the user downloading the picture can choose the size that fits their need best.

There is also a method for users to share their photos to the marketing department.  If the marketing department is not able to attend an event that needs coverage, there is an app called Libris that can allows photos to be uploaded and sent to Terra State’s Photoshelter account.  Then, the marketing department staff can take the necessary steps to make them available to everyone in Photoshelter.

Pochatko sees it taking nearly an entire year to implement the full library.  However, through the entire process, anyone can contact the marketing department  for assistance with Photoshelter.  “Our goal is to have a YouTube training video available by the start of fall semester,” Pochatko added.