May 31, 2017 (Fremont, Ohio) – Terra State Community College’s summer enrollment has increased for the second straight year to 763 students.  This year, Terra State experienced a 15% growth from 2016.

“Terra State has made a concerted effort to reach out to transfer/transient students,” says Terra State Assistant Vice President for Student and Enrollment Services Heath Martin.  “That group alone has increased by nearly 82%.”  Transfer/transient students are new students to Terra State whose most recent enrollment was at an institution other than Terra State or a student who is dually enrolled at another institution.

“We are also working with re-admit students,” Martin continues.  “These students were enrolled at Terra state at one time and did not earn credit hours at another institution.  The admissions and academic advising staff have done a fantastic job in getting these students back into the classroom.”  Re-admit enrollment is up 36% from 2016.

Another important benchmark of summer enrollment is the number of current students who choose to return for the summer semester.  “We know that continuing students who enroll in the summer are three times more likely to earn their degree from Terra State.  In this category of students, Terra State has seen a 12% increase in enrollment,” Martin points out.

Since 2015, summer enrollment is up 34% at the college.  “There are many challenges facing community colleges when it comes to decreasing enrollment.  However, Terra State is taking steps to reverse the trend.  Our summer enrollment numbers are a great indicator of that,” Martin stated.