May 4, 2017 (Fremont, OH) – Terra State Community College is always on the lookout for partnerships that will enhance a student’s education experience and expose them to potential employers.  When the College is able to identify and create a partnership, the relationship lasts, like the one with McNaughton-McKay.

McNaughton-McKay is on the Terra State campus for the first three days of May presenting a seminar on Drives HQ.  The seminar is designed to introduce the latest technology in “Drives” (Variable Frequency Drives to control AC Motors) by providing actual equipment, curriculum and trained technicians to teach the participants.  Three sessions were held for students and industry partners.

This particular seminar is just one of many that McNaughton-McKay brings to Terra State.  For over twenty years, the company has been presenting learning events.  They normally hold one a semester.

“We love to work with Terra State Community College,” says McNaughton-McKay Account Manager Larry Lowe.  “The college gives us the opportunity to work with our future customers and present programs that provide both classroom and hands-on experience.”  Different seminars over the years include the topics of machine safety, Ethernet network communication and security, LED lighting, PLC programming and others.

The seminars can be seen as two-fold.  First, they provide a learning environment for students.  Second, they bring in industry to Terra State.  “The businesses that come to the Terra State campus can see first-hand what the college is providing to the area workforce.  The students have an opportunity to learn alongside people who are doing what they are going to class for.  Both the industry and student can see what they are learning is tangible.”

As Terra State continues to train and prepare the area’s skilled workforce, it will continue to partner with companies like McNaughton-McKay.  Terra State will remain focused on providing every resource possible to ensure the success of students and area businesses.