It takes a village to raise a child and it takes a campus to create a work safe environment.  The employees of Terra State Community College have created just that and are being recognized for their success by the Sandusky County Safety Council, co-sponsored by the Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce.

The Sandusky County Safety Council’s goal is to prevent and mitigate personal injury to employees and economic losses to member businesses and the community that arise from preventable health and safety incidents.  The council achieves this goal through monthly meetings that increase safety awareness and encourage members and area businesses to use rules, procedures and practices daily that result in a safe and healthy working environment for all their personnel.

At the Sandusky County Safety Council 2017 Awards Banquet, Terra State received the 100% Award for working an entire year without a lost-time injury or illness.  Terra State also received a special award for working at least 500,000 hours and at least six months without a reported lost-time injury.  In fact, Terra State has not had a reported lost-time injury since February 2011.  That’s five years or 2,350,057 hours worked without a lost-time injury!  If everyone continues to use the best safety practices and follow the rules and regulations, it should not be a problem to make it six years at next year’s awards!