The Terra College Foundation is a vital part to the mission of Terra State Community College.  The Foundation’s on-going mission of enhancing continuous learning experiences, creating facilities, and expanding opportunities at Terra State Community College takes more than just partnerships with alumni, individuals and corporations.  It takes you, too!  With the help of faculty and staff, the mission of both the Foundation and College can be realized.

According to Terra College Foundation Executive Director Cory Stine, the importance of faculty and staff participation in donating to the Foundation is rather simple.  “Employee participation with contributions is very important to the success of the Foundation.  However, it’s not the dollar amount that is as important, it’s the percentage of participation.  As we enter into a campaign, we would love to be able to say that we have 100% participation from our employees.”

Employees can make tax-deductible donations in whatever way is easiest for them.  Donations can be one-time or recurring and paid by either cash, check or credit card. Employees can set up pre-tax payroll deductions, too.  Contributions can be earmarked for a particular department or designated for the Transformation Fund that allows the contribution to be used where needed.  “Employee contributions allow the Foundation to give the scholarships, equipment and operational support to the college,” Stine continues.  “Whatever amount fits your budget helps.”

To make a donation in any form, employees can simply stop by the Foundation office on the second floor of Building A or call 419.559.2261.